• 20 Feb 2022
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Article Summary

Syncing your tablet

To use the MyApiary app, you must first sync your tablets with your MyApiary account.
This process downloads your accounts information into a local datastore so you can use your tablet out in the field with no data connection. 

Use the SYNC button on the status bar at the top right-hand side of the MyApiary App. To synch your tablet you must have a WIFI or Cellular connection to the internet. Once synched you can complete jobs without a connection and the data will be saved.


Important! You must sync your tablet before you can start using the app for the first time.
Important! Sync your tablet each day before you start when you have a connection and at the end of the day.
Important! When in the field do not log out, or your saved data will be lost.  You can only login again when you have an internet connection.

Syncing process

The sync takes place in three steps.

Step 1) Synchronizing data

During this step all changes made on the tablet while in the field our uploaded to your MyApiary account

Step 2) Downloading changes

During this step, all changes made to your MyApiary account are downloaded your Tablet

Step 3) Updating Database

During this step, your Tablets database is being updated and re-index.

Synchronizing Troubleshooting 

Alert messages

“Sorry, we are unable to complete synchronisation at this time. Please try again later.”

This message indicates that a connection to your MyApiary Account was lost during sync.

  1. Move to an area where you have a good internet connection and re-try
  2. If this fails, restart your tablet without logging out of the MyApiary app and try
     again connectivity is re-established.

“MyApiary isn’t responding. Do you want to close it.”

    Wait or Stop

This is a system notification saying the app is using a lot of system resource.   

  1. Always hit wait, clicking close, during sync will corrupt your tablets database and the app will behaviour erratically

My App always says 
“No Connection.”

Sometimes the app misses the new connection notification when your tablet has established new internet connection, while the screen is off. 

  1. Open setting tab by dragging down from the top of your screen and toggle flight mode on and then off again. The app should detect the connection on re-establishment.
  2. If this fails, restart your tablet without logging out of the MyApiary app and try synchronising again when connectivity is re-established

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