Re-queening Hives
  • 22 Feb 2022
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Re-queening Hives

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If you are wanting to record data about why you re-queened on a site. use the observations section of any job card. If ticked yes to why did you requeen, you can select a reason for why you requeened and how many times for that reason. You can log several reasons as shown in the screenshot below, the example below shows that i requeened 6 hives for three different reasons.

The default reasons for re-queening are listed below, if the reasons listed is missing something you need, feel free to contact support at

Accepted failure
Bad temperament
Cell failure
Disease - Chalkbrood 
Disease - Sackbrood
Drone layer 
Making Splits
Mating failure (Virgin Queen) 
Old age
Spotty brood

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