Completing a Job
  • 04 Mar 2021
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Completing a Job

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Completing a Job card   [Must Do This Every Time]

Add your time on site (how many hours- use decimals, so 1 ¼ hours is 1.25) and travel time.

Where asked to select the type of stock you used and enter in the quantity, how many you used for the whole apiary/site.

For other tasks, record what you have done by sliding the button across.



Click add a task if you have done something else that is not on the job card. 

You can’t delete a task so leave this un-done and complete the job card. 

Click next, to complete the job card, or saved to come back later.

Complete Observations Report [Must Do This Every Time]

The observations report is used to record new sighting on a site visit. If you answer yes to any of the questions, click the slider and record what you observed and how many hives.


The observations report can be used to count accumulated sighting throughout the year.

Note: The question ‘Why did you requeen?’ is linked to the job card task ‘Requeen’. The reasons total should match the number ended in the job card.

Complete Apiary Status Report [Must Do This Every Time]

Enter and add together the number and makeup of hives on-site (doubles+ top splits +singles+nuc).  The total must match the expected total.



Note: To change the expected total, you must use the tasks ‘Move hives, Split hives, Combine hives or Hive Audit’ in the job card.

Note: To balance and save the Total hives must be the same total as the and Total strength ‘strong + medium + weak + dead’.

Note: The category dead is for dead hives “currently” on site. Not for accumulating the number of dead hives throughout the year.

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