Stocks Management
  • 01 Mar 2022
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Stocks Management

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The Stock management tab is used to manage your consumable items. In this tab, you can edit existing default stock items so that they match what you use or you may add additional stock items using the "Add Stock Items" at the bottom of the page. You use stock items in your job cards, for example, if you were to do a job that includes using sugar syrup, then you could have a stock item that is your choice of sugar, how many days it will last, and how much it costs per litre. This gives you the ability to see not only how many litres of sugar you are using per site, but also what that costs.

There are five categories the system will ask you to fill out in order to create a new stock item

  1.  Category
    • this is selected first.
      • Options for categories are as follows
        • Bait
        • Pollen supplement
        • Queen
        • Sugar syrup
        • Varroa treatment
        • Other
        • Count
        • Equipment
        • Queen Breed
  2.  Stock Name
    • The system will require you to name the specific stock item. 
      • for example, you could name the brand or the syrup to water ratio.
  3. Treatment Period (days)
    • This is used in the stock item has a number of days until it ends, for example, Varroa treatments like Apiguary might only last 28 days.
  4. $ Per Unit
    • This is used to put a monetary value onto a stock item.
    • The monetary value assigned is per unit (selected in the next category.)
  5.  Unit
    • Here is where you select the measurement of the stock item. so for example you would use letres of sugar or kilos of supplement.
    • Usable units are as follows:
      • LITRES
      • KG
      • EACH (used for specific items that are unique, like wasp bait or disease treatments)

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